IB International Baccalaureate in Madrid

The IB International Baccalaureate in Madrid at St. George’s is the perfect stepping stone to an international higher education. At our school we not only insist on language learning, but we also implement the English language curriculum to offer our students a fully immersive experience during their International Baccalaureate in Madrid

Equivalence to the British system

St. George’s International Baccalaureate in Madrid follows the equivalent educational programme to the British Sixth Form, and our students have the possibility to obtain the IB diploma in English in order to apply to the best English-speaking universities in the world.  

Sixth Form (Baccalaureate)

The British Sixth Form refers to the last two years of secondary education in the UK, usually for students aged 16-18. During this period, students prepare for advanced level examinations (A-Levels) or equivalent, such as BTEC.

A-Levels are crucial qualifications that students need to gain entry to university. Students usually focus on a number of subjects, choosing them according to their interests and university or career aspirations. This system allows for early specialisation in specific areas of study.

IB diploma in English (International Baccalaureate)

The IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate) is a two-year global education programme for students aged 16 to 18. It offers a comprehensive and rigorous education that fosters critical thinking, intercultural understanding and personal development, preparing students for university and future careers internationally.

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University preparation

The aim of our International Baccalaureate in Madrid is to prepare our students to face their next stage of education with confidence, with a special focus on personalised guidance and skills support.

University career guidance

Our university orientation programme is designed to guide students through the complex process of selecting and applying to international universities. We offer personalised counselling, workshops on application procedures, interview preparation and support in writing personal statements. Our experts work closely with each student to identify their passions and goals, ensuring they choose the institution that best suits their aspirations and academic profile.

Individualised support for skills and talent development

We understand the importance of developing essential skills for academic and personal success, so we provide individualised support to our students, including one-to-one tutoring, preparation programmes and extracurricular activities aimed at developing leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Our holistic approach seeks not only to strengthen academic performance, but also to foster confidence, resilience and autonomy in our students, preparing them for future challenges.

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Exams and qualifications

The exams and the preparation that our students follow for the International Baccalaureate in Madrid are also valid for students who wish to enter Spanish universities. 

Validation for entry to Spanish universities

As a British international school, we facilitate the process of validation for our students to gain access to Spanish universities. We ensure that they meet the academic and language requirements, offering guidance at every step of the process of validating their qualifications, including IB Diploma or A-Levels, to ensure a smooth transition to higher education in Spain.

Why choose our International Baccalaureate education centre in Madrid?

We are committed to providing the best environment during the pre-university years, creating an enriching experience that truly prepares our students for international challenges at the highest level.

Modern, safe and secure facilities for excellent learning

Our international school prides itself on providing modern, safe and secure facilities that foster a stimulating learning environment throughout the pre-university years. Our school boasts technologically equipped classrooms, advanced science laboratories, inspirational art spaces and world-class sports facilities, each space designed to support the holistic development of our students. 

Our track record of excellence in education

Over the years we have set a standard of educational excellence, recognised both locally and internationally. Our dedication to a comprehensive language-based education enables our students not only to achieve outstanding academic achievements, but also to develop vital skills for their future. Constant innovation in our teaching methods and commitment to excellence have made us a benchmark in the field of education.

Highly qualified and committed teaching staff

We have a team of highly qualified native teachers who are passionate about teaching. Their commitment goes beyond the classroom, offering personalised support to each student to ensure their academic and personal success, which is essential at this educational stage.

After-school activities for all

Our extracurricular activities cover a wide range of interests, from sports, arts, science and technology to volunteering and debating clubs. These activities are designed to complement academic education, promoting the development of social skills, leadership and teamwork, and allowing students to explore their passions outside the academic curriculum.

Innovative and enriching academic programmes

We offer innovative academic programmes that prepare students for global challenges, including the prestigious IB Diploma, A-Levels and customised programmes tailored to individual needs. Our focus on practical learning, critical thinking and intercultural understanding ensures that our students are equipped to succeed in any field after their time at our school.

Our legacy in the IB Programme

Our experience in International Baccalaureate (IB) courses reflects our commitment to global education. Implementing the IB programme means encouraging our students to become lifelong learners, being critical and reflective citizens, and preparing them for success at world-class universities and in their future careers.

Admission and enrolment process

To apply for admission to our International Baccalaureate in Madrid, please contact our Admissions department

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We conduct visits with each family by prior arrangement. Request information and come to meet us.

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Frequently asked questions

It is one of the most prestigious and recognized high school programs for students in the last two years of school. Only schools authorized by the prestigious IB association can offer it, after a rigorous selection process. At St. George, we offer the IB Diploma entirely in English.

To both Spanish universities, public and private, as well as international universities. Approximately 40% of St. George’s students choose Spanish universities, and the other 60% choose international universities. From the school, we advise and assist them in their application.

It is a program for motivated and enthusiastic students. To access the IB Diploma, students must have a good academic track record and be motivated and enthusiastic about learning and maturing not only academically but also personally. Most students opt for the IB Diploma, but they can also access the IB Certificate. At St. George, we carry out a comprehensive follow-up of each student and recommend in each case what is best for them, taking into account the studies they want to undertake afterward and in which country.

It grants them a diploma that gives them access to all types of universities around the world. Going through the IB Diploma program provides them with the necessary tools to succeed in university: they feel better prepared, have more self-confidence, know how to develop research projects, and manage their time better.

During the two years, students study 6 subjects (3 at standard level and 3 at higher level). They also develop three complementary areas: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), a research project (Extended Essay-EE), and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS, a program they carry out outside of the classroom).

The IB Diploma program is not exclusively focused on conveying an academic syllabus, but instead, students develop a much more comprehensive program aimed at ensuring they reach higher education with the appropriate preparation and maturity.

In the IB Diploma, students receive broader training; in addition to the higher level and standard level subjects, they also develop the following areas:


The Extended Essay is an independent research task on a topic chosen by each student, culminating in a 4,000-word essay. They have a tutor at school to guide them in their research.


Offers students the opportunity to reflect on the nature of knowledge and how we claim to know what we know. It is assessed through an individual or group oral presentation.


A project carried out individually or in a group, developing actions outside the classroom. CAS allows students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning.

The three areas of CAS are characterized as follows:

Creativity: The arts and other experiences that involve creative thinking.

Activity: Activities that involve physical effort or challenge and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Service: A voluntary exchange that is a learning experience for the student, respecting the rights, dignity, and autonomy of all involved.