School life

The School opens at 9 AM. Classrooms open at 9:15 AM. Classes start at 9:30am (EYFS and Primary) and at 9:20 a.m. (Secondary and Sixth Form) and end at 4.30pm. We offer Breakfast Club for early drop-off of primary students.


All students must attend school wearing a full uniform. St. George Madrid offers different uniforms for summer and winter, in addition to the P.E. kit. Coats and accessories such as caps, scarves and hair bands must be navy blue in colour. Students may not wear jewelry or wrist bands and are only allowed to wear a watch.

All items worn while attending school must be properly marked with the student’s surname and given name in a visible location. The uniforms can be either purchased at the uniforms department of the El Corte Ingles Sanchinarro Branch; or online and then picked-up at any Corte Ingles.

alumnos en uniforme de st george madrid

School Music

¡In St George we have our own Music School! Students can develop multiple skills that will serve not only for their studies but also for their personal development.

¡Find more information HERE!

actividades extraescolares de musica para aprender a tocar instrumentos en st george madrid

School Bus

We have a school bus service. If you would like to request this service, please email to find out about your closest bus stop.

To guarantee the safety of our students, all routes are supervised by adult guardians responsible for taking care of the children.

Dining Room

We have our own kitchen and school dining room, with appropriate menus designed in accordance to children’s age groups. Menus are created by nutritional specialists and supervised by the school management. We strive for variety, quality and balance. Personalised menus are also available for students with special dietary needs.

Menus are made available monthly through the parents’ portal, in order for them to supplement children with home-based meals.

Breakfast Club

We offer a Breakfast Club, which allows enhancing morning school hours between 8 to 9 AM. We provide a healthy, balanced breakfast, always under the supervision of our staff.

Health and Safety

Our school has a qualified school nurse and a space that is especially equipped to deal with any general first aid issues that could occur during the school day. In case of emergency, children will be transported to a hospital arranged by the school. In all cases parents will be notified first, unless we are unable to contact them at the time being. The school will refrain, under any circumstances, to administer students any medication that is not previously authorized in written.


Should students need some form of medication, the family must notify the school writing to

All medicines must be labeled with date, name, hour, dosage and whether or not refrigeration is required. We cannot administer your child any medication without previous written instruction.

In the case of specific treatments such as for allergies, special diets, etc. we ask that parents inform the school as soon as possible and that they provide us with the corresponding medical report.

Accident Insurance

St. George School provides accident insurance to all its students.

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