Extracurricular activities at St. George International Madrid

We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities that complement academic education and foster the holistic development of our students. These activities take place after school hours, on our campus. From sports to creative activities and languages, the activities are designed to nurture the individual interests and skills of each child.

Discover how our extracurricular activities can inspire and enrich the growth of every student!

School Music


Through music, students can develop multiple skills that will serve not only for their studies but also for their personal development.

At St George Madrid, we have our own Music School. We give our students the opportunity to learn an instrument because we believe in the benefits that music brings to the development of our students; it improves language skills, memory, behaviour or spatial intelligence, among other things.

In our Music School we offer piano, violin, classical and electric guitar, and drums lessons for all abilities, ranging from beginners to more experienced musicians.

actividades extraescolares de musica para aprender a tocar instrumentos en st george madrid

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