Admissions Open!

We can continue sharing with you how we work with children and the passion we put into ensuring that every child receives the best academic, social, and emotional education.

Our doors in the Admissions department remain open throughout the year, looking forward to the opportunity to welcome you into our school community, regardless of the season.

The admissions process follows a structured approach to ensure a smooth transition for your child into our educational environment:

1. Contact us

Please reach out to us to schedule a visit to our school or to arrange a virtual call, especially if you are currently abroad.

2. School Tour/Virtual Call

This stage provides us with the chance to meet you and your child, allowing a deeper understanding of your child’s needs and interests. We will delve into our curriculum and show you our facilities, providing you with a glimpse into our amazing learning environment.

3. Assessment/Taster Day

We may request your child’s previous school report (if applicable) and organize placement tests if necessary. Furthermore, we may invite your child to a taster day at our school, allowing them to immerse themselves in our community.

4. Acceptance

Upon successfully completing the assessment process, you will receive an offer in writing, giving you a fixed period (between 5 to 10 days), during which we will reserve a place for your child as you proceed with the registration process.

5. Enrolment

Congratulations! Your family is now part of our School Community.

Admissions Form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What educational system does St. George Madrid follow?

St. George Madrid follows the English National Curriculum, which is part of the British educational system. In addition to this curriculum, to validate their studies, we also teach the subjects of Spanish Language and Social Studies. During the final two years (for students aged 17 and 18), the IB Diploma program is offered in English.

In what language are the subjects taught?

All subjects are taught in English by native British teachers, with the exception of Spanish, French, and German, which are taught by native speakers of each language.

When will my child have classes in Spanish, French, and German?

The number of hours varies depending on the age of the students. Spanish classes begin at 4 years old. Starting from Year 7, at 11 years old, French or German is introduced.

What is the school schedule?

We open the school doors at 9:00 am. Students can enter the classrooms from 9:15 am, and classes begin at 9:30 am for Preschool and Primary, and at 9:20 am for Secondary and Sixth Form. Classes end at 4:20 pm for Primary and at 4:30 pm for Secondary. Secondary students can be on campus from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, but they do not need to enroll in any specific clubs.

Is there an extended schedule?

Yes, from 8:00 to 9:00, we have the breakfast club for parents who need to drop off their children before the school doors open at 9:00 am.

Do you have extracurricular activities?

Every day, we offer various activities based on the age of the students. All activities take place on school premises and conclude at 5:30 pm.

Is there a bus service?

Yes, we have school bus routes in the morning and afternoon from many points and areas in Madrid.

Is everything cooked on-site at the school?

St. George schools have their own kitchen, and everything is cooked on-site. We prepare a diverse, healthy, and balanced menu, based on a Mediterranean diet. We tailor the menu to the different needs of the students.

Until what age do they take a nap?

Children aged 2 and 3, in Pre-Nursery and Nursery, have a one-hour nap each day. ​

What is the percentage of international students?

65% of our students are Spanish, and the rest come from various parts of the world. Currently, there are 45 nationalities in the school.

In what language do the children speak at school?

In class, children are expected to speak in English, except for the little ones who are learning and may switch to their native language to express an idea. Nevertheless, teachers address them in English.

Is it a problem if my child doesn't speak English?

No. When they are young, children learn through play. Every day, we see how they are naturally learning and incorporating English into their conversations and games. Starting from Year 3, they will take a proficiency test, and the school administration will assess each child individually.

How often do they have grades and tutorials?

Throughout the school year, grades are provided at the end of each trimester. Additionally, we conduct parent-teacher conferences to discuss the students’ needs, track their progress, and support them in any way necessary. We hold tutorials regularly. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, you can request a meeting or contact the teachers through the parent portal. Communication with the family is of utmost importance to us.

Is it possible to enroll in St. George Madrid mid-year?

We understand that families may relocate at any time of the year, so we do accept children during the school year. However, each case will be considered on an individual basis.

Is the integration and adaptation to the school difficult?

Students at St. George are excellent hosts. We have a strong sense of family and eagerly welcome new students. Recognizing that children spend a significant amount of time at school, our top priority is to ensure they feel happy and comfortable with us. We have a ‘Buddy System’ where our students volunteer to ‘sponsor’ new students.

Will they have access to Spanish universities?

Yes. Students can access national universities, both public and private, as well as British and foreign universities. Our ESO and Bachillerato studies are validated within the Spanish system.

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