St. George Madrid has a campus spanning two and a half hectares of land in the northern area of Madrid, with easy access to both the city center and its surroundings.

Our campus features distinct areas for preschool, primary, secondary, and high school students, allowing students of all ages to enjoy designated spaces.

The classrooms are spacious, well-lit, and equipped for different seasons of the year (with heating and air conditioning).

Preschool students have specially designed classrooms to make their learning practical and engaging, with direct access to a large outdoor play area, as outdoor learning is a fundamental part of the British curriculum.

In primary school, students learn in classrooms with dimensions and technology suitable for their age, fostering continued development of their critical and participative learning.

In secondary and high school, each teacher has a specialized classroom, and students attend the teacher’s class for each subject.

The school has science labs, computer labs, music, and art rooms. The extensive library allows students to enjoy reading and find necessary information for their learning.

St. George has spacious areas to bring together students and families. Our large auditorium accommodates 500 people and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing students and their families to enjoy concerts, weekly student assemblies, large group meetings, classes, etc. Our Studio is a large open space that enables us to organize a variety of events.

Additionally, the school has its own kitchen and a spacious dining area.

The outdoor areas feature excellent sports facilities and green spaces where students of all ages can enjoy their break time, and teachers conduct some of their classes. As part of the sports facilities, the 25-meter swimming pool and the 7-a-side football field are two areas that St. George students can enjoy, along with football, basketball, and multi-sport courts.

Visit our classrooms virtually

We want to provide you with a glimpse of what the classes are like at the school. We invite you to watch the various videos we offer, most of which are three or four minutes long and are introduced by different teachers. These are not staged scenes but real learning experiences at our school.

¡Visit our school virtually! ¡REMEMBER! You can also come to visit us by scheduling an appointment with Admissions.

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