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Private, British and international school in Madrid

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British School in Madrid

St George is a private British school, located in the North area of Madrid, with classes from 2 to 18 years of age. We have students from more than 45 different nationalities who, from the first day, learn in English with native teachers. Our aim is that each child reaches their own maximum potential. 

We complement the English National curriculum with the subjects of Spanish Language and Social Studies, so that they receive a complete education and can validate their studies in Spain and can access Spanish and foreign universities.

Leading and educating by example is the most sincere and effective way to educate our children.

So our commitments are:

Best education: We work hard to employ teachers who have already proven that they are outstanding in their practices and who have a passion for the welfare of children. We work together as a team to ensure that excellent teaching practices are shared so that every year a child is receiving the very best quality of education possible. 

Core values: In a school where 35% of our community of families come from over 45 different countries, it is important that respect and tolerance is high on our daily agenda. The school’s five values are a commitment that we take very seriously – “Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Kindness and Personal Best” – and we constantly celebrate examples of these shown throughout the school. As a school community we love the social richness that is gained from such a diverse mix and we take and look for opportunities for the children to experience some of these differences first hand.

Happiness: The happiness of a child is our greatest commitment. At St. George every child matters, every child has a story behind them and for every child to reach his or her full potential, whatever it may be, you have to know the children, respect them, support them and listen to them. Knowing how to motivate them, making sure they feel safe, confident and happy, is the only way for us to help them to achieve their maximum potential. 

Children observe, learn and then imitate, which is why as a staff team we commit to offering our very best to our children every day, knowing that how they grow and develop depends on us.

If you would like to know more about our British school, the teaching and learning, and how much we care about our children, just contact us. We look forward to meeting you!

Admission process open all year round

We carry out individual visits with each family which are previously arranged. Ask for information and come and meet us.

British Education, validated in Spain from 2 years of age

British native teachers who develop each student’s abilities to the fullest

Access to national and international universities

Differentiated teaching with close monitoring of each child

A privileged location

St. George has sports facilities, extensive outdoor areas, 25-meter pool, laboratories, library, classrooms adapted to the different educational stages, auditorium, music and art classrooms, kitchen and dining room, etc.
It is located on two and a half hectares in Madrid Norte, in Calle Padres Dominicos, 1, Madrid.

916 508 440

School Fees

First year Enrolment Fee: 1.500€ One Off payment

Registration Fee: 500€

Registration Fee: Refundable in September if the student continues in school.

Year of birth Course Monthly (10 months)
2019 Pre-nursery 620€
2018-2017 Nursery & Reception 709€
2016-2015 Year 1& 2 825€
2014-2013-2012-2011 Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 882€
2010-2009 Year 7 & 8 1.025€
2008-2007-2006 Year 9, 10 & 11 1.171€
2005-2004 Year 12 & 13 1.261€

20% discount with three or more children

Edexcel approved centre
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University of Cambridge Internacional Examinations
The duke of Edinburgh's International Award