Visit our classes virtually

We are very happy to open the doors of our School to show you how our students learn at St. George. You can still book face-to-face visits with our Admissions team (, but we hope that this selection of videos give you a sample of what classes are like at school. 

Please take a moment to have a look at the different videos that we have available; most of them last three or four minutes and are introduced by different teachers. We asked our teachers to share real learning experiences in our school, rather than staged lessons for this, in order to give you a more realistic view of day-to-day learning in our school.

 While we have to implement specific measures to follow the coronavirus protocols, we are very proud of the vibrant learning environment that we have achieved. Remember that you can also come visit us by booking an appointment with Admissions.

Our Internationalism (Part I)

We are proud of the international nature of our school, with approximately 50 different nationalities represented across our campus.

Our Internationalism (Part II)

The diverse nature of our school is important to us and we proudly promote the differences that unite us all.

Virtual Open Day | EYFS Superheroes Week

Our Early Years children develop their communication, manipulative and social skills through a common superheroes theme, where supertato saves the supermarket from the clutches of the evil pea…

Virtual Open Day | EYFS Spanish

Our reception students are developing their learning and social skills through the context of a Spanish language lesson. Students develop at their own pace through a range of hands-on activities.

Virtual Open Day | Y1 Exploring Toys

A small group of year 1 students work with the teacher and an assistant to choose materials and then make their own peg dolls. Building the dolls helps them with the next phase of learning, when they will be designing their own original toy.

Virtual Open Day | Y2 Great Fire of London

The year 2 teachers explain how a thematic approach allows students to develop their ideas across a range of subjects. In the video, the students are designing and building their own Tudor homes, reflecting 17th century architectural style.

Virtual Open Day | Y5 Greek Myths

Year 5 first act out and innovate Theseus and the Minotaur before using the skills they have developed to write their own original Greek Myth.

Virtual Open Day | Primary Music

With Covid-19 regulations in place it has been hard to keep our music programme going, but we´ve been determined to keep the students engaged while many of our instruments remain locked away for now.

Virtual Open Day | Physics

Students in the final year of their IGCSE programme carry out an investigation into factors affecting electrical resistance in a wire.

Virtual Open Day | Secondary Maths

Our Head of Maths talks about the different courses and pathways available to students studying maths in the secondary school.

Virtual Open Day | ICT

A year 8 ICT lesson demonstrates the skills that students are developing in preparation for their IGCSE course.

Virtual Open Day | Secondary Drama

Year 7 use freeze frame techniques to illustrate key moments in the novel they are studying in English.

Virtual Open Day | Secondary Art

Year 11 are working on their art portfolios in the lead-up to designing the final pieces for their IGCSE submission.

Virtual Open Day | PE Department

Our Director of Sport presents an overview of our PE provision across the primary and secondary schools,

Virtual Open Day | History

In a year 8 history lesson, students are studying the War of the Roses and examining different historical perspectives.

Virtual Open Day | Chemistry

Year 13 Chemistry IB Diploma students are carrying our a practical to work out the molecular mass of a substance by titration.

Virtual Open Day | Summary Video

Find out more about our school and start to navigate your way around our Open Day with this introduction from our Heads of School.