University entry

At St. George Madrid we encourage our students to achieve their dreams and have high ambitions. Each year, students complete their studies and go to universities all around the world.

Their IBDP results make it possible for our students to study at universities of their choice. The United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States, Colombia, Germany and Spain are the destinations, among others, where our students have gone on to study degrees in a wide range of fields. Our students obtained excellent grades, which have allowed them to choose a destination and pathway for their journey into higher education.

Students who have left the school have directed their studies towards sciences, through courses in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy and Biotechnology, Dentistry, Psychology, Equitation and Sports Sciences, as well as humanities-based courses in Business Administration, International Relations, Law, Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing.

Approximately half of St. George Madrid students went to Spanish universities, including the Universidad Complutense, Universidad Politécnica, Universidad Carlos III, ICADE, ICAI, IE University and CUNEF. Other students chose international universities, such as the University of Bath, London South Bank University, University of Westminster in the United Kingdom; Rutgers New Jersey University and the University of South Florida in the United States; Eindhoven University of Technology, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Main universities

● University of Bath – UK

● University of Manchester – UK

● University College London – UK

● University of East Anglia – UK

● University of Worcester – UK

● University of the Arts London – UK

● London South Bank University – UK

● University of Westminster – UK

● Ravensbourne University London– UK

● Surrey University – UK

● Solent University – UK

● Birmingham City University – UK

● University of Kent – UK

● Hartpury University – UK

● The Hague University– The Netherlands

● University of Utrecht – The Netherlands

● University Van Amsterdam (UVA) – The Netherlands

● HAN University of Applied Sciences – The Netherlands

● Eindhoven University of Technology – The Netherlands

● University of the South of Florida – USA

● Rutgers New Jersey – USA

● University of Toronto – Canada

● Instituto Marangoni – Italy

● British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) – Germany

● Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Spain

● Universidad Complutense – Spain

● Universidad Carlos III – Spain

● ICADE Comillas – Spain

● ICAI – Spain

● Instituto de Empresa – Spain

● CUNEF- Spain

Universidad del Bosque – Colombia

Main studies

● Aerospace Engineering

● ADE International

● ADE with International Finance and Banking

● Advertisement, Public Relations and Marketing

● Bachelor in Business Administration

● Bilingual Business Administration and Direction

● Business Administration and Data and Business Analytics

● Business Management

● Chemical and Process Engineering

● Communication

● Computer Engineering

● Computer Science

● Computing Science with a Year in Industry

● Criminology

● Dentistry

● Economics and Maths Engineering

● Electric Engineering

● Equestrian Sports Science

● European Studies with Law

● Pharmacy and Biotechnology

● Fashion Business

● Fine Arts

● Graphic and Media Design

● Industrial Engineering

● Interior Design

● International Business

● International Relations

● Law

● Law and Business Administration

● Law and International Relations

● Mathematical Engineering

● Mechanical Engineering

● Medicine

● Nursing

● Philosophy

● Psychology

● Pilot School

● Politics and Economics

● PPLE (Politics, Philosophy, Law and Economics)

● Psychology

● Songwriting and Popular Music Performance

● Sports Coaching and Sports Development


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