Personalized attention

Much of the success of the school is based on the support it offers each student in a personalized way because each one is unique and has a different way of being and learning.

We take care of the different levels, we set specific goals that help them progress and we celebrate what students have learned, understood and are able to do.

The most important connection between the family and the school are the teachers. These are the fundamental support and closely follow the academic progress of each individual student. At St. George we do this in a variety of ways: we closely monitor each student’s progress and tackle any issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

In order for students to make good progress, the school needs to maintain a close relationship with parents, so we encourage frequent contact between families and teachers. We provide regular reports and organise specific tutorials and meetings with parents throughout the year.

Throughout the course we organise talks for parents to explain the curriculum and to guide students in key decisions such as the choice of elective subjects or university entrance.

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